Residential Services

Worry-free technology at home.

Whether it’s installing a security system or a home theater in the basement, EOS Technologies will create the plan to make your dream home come to life. Let us assist when it comes to networking, surround sound, distributed audio, computer repair, and more!

Smart Home Systems in a Single App

EOS Technologies offers smart home solutions from Control4. With a touch, you can control lights, windows shades, door locks, sound, air temperature, and more!

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Comprehensive Audio/Video Services

For audio solutions the whole house can enjoy, have a home theater or surround sound system installed with ease.

Whole-home WiFi

We will make your WiFi more effective than ever before. Enjoy seamless connection, wherever you are in the house.

Additional services at a glance.


Smart lighting installed by EOS Technologies can be controlled by a smart device or remote to change as needed and save energy costs. 


Whenever you leave the room, the temperature can be programmed to automatically change to save energy costs.

Automatic Shades

Automatic Shades are remote operated and can be commanded to open and close as needed.

Smart TV

Any TV display can host any of your applications. Easy TV installations ensure you can use any apps and are simple to connect to.


Our audio solutions are catered to the room to provide a soundscape that makes your house a bit more like home.

Green Living

Reduce waste and become a green household. EOS Technologies can help you reduce the waste of your lights, energy, and utilities.

Design the home of the future.

Connect to the World

Safely use the internet while minimizing annoying lags. With the tools and efficiencies EOS Technologies offers, keep your family connected and your home smart.

Improve Efficiency

Smart blinds, thermostats, and lighting can save your family significant money in the long term. Increase your home’s efficiency while making an environmental impact.

Enjoy the Experience

We take care of the complicated pieces the technology, making it possible for anyone to successfully use the technology in your home to its full potential.

Featured Project

EOS technologies provides the blueprints for homes to become smart. Smart Homes make a family feel safer and more comfortable while saving money on utilities costs.

No two systems are the same and there is always a unique touch to any system installed by EOS Technologies and our expert team.

Home theater system installed above a fireplace

Invest in your future with EOS Technologies.